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We are happy that you have decided to visit Buy Tramadol COD. We understand that you are looking for a safe and secure way to buy this pain relief medication online. From now on you do not need to worry about the safety of your online transaction because on our website you can buy Tramadol legally using convenient payment methods.


Pain relief medication
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Pain relief medication
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Effective as of August 18th, 2014 Tramadol will become a controlled substance in the schedule IV class of drugs (read the official DEA ruling here.) That means that Tramadol will no longer be sold through online pharmacies (buying and selling this medication online will be unlawful, and may subject the person to administrative, civil, and/or criminal action.)

It is important that you talk to your primare care physicin about alterntaive pain relief options for you. Quitting Tramadol abruptly can cause a number of withdrawal side effects so it is important to stop taking this medication under the supervision of a physician. Talk to your doctor about other medications that will be appropriate for your condition. Gabapetin (generic Neurotin) is a popular pain relief drug that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately due to its mild side effects. We have a reliable source of Gabapentin available for those who wish to try this medication if and when your doctor approves.
Click here to learn more about Gabapentin.

Facts to Know about Tramadol

Before you order Tramadol please be advised that Tramadol can induce phychic an physical dependence similar to a morphine type addiction. While patients with a prior history of opioid or drug addiction are strongly advised not to take this medication even those who don't have addiction history are at risk of dependense and drug abuse. Behaviors associated with Tramadol dependence include but are not limited to drug seeking behavior, taking extreme steps to obtain the drug or showing any other signs of dependence. Tramadol is also associated with craving and tolerance development. If Tramadol is discontinued abruptly adverse withdrawal symptoms may occur.

If you have a history of substance abuse or want to minimize your risks of developing Tramadol dependence please consider using other non-habit forming medications for your pain-relief. One of the medications that is becoming a popular alternative to Tramadol among health care providers and patients is Gabapentin (generic Neurotin.) Talk to your doctor about using Gabapentin (Neurotin) for your pain relief needs. Read more about this medictaion or consult a US licensed physicians at Buy Gabapentin Online.

Why is Tramadol so Popular?

Most likely you are visiting this site because you have either used Tramadol in the past or have heard how well it works for treating pain. Tramadol is now one of the top preferred pain medications available in the United States and its popularity is growing. One of the main reasons that Tramadol has become so widely used is because of its extremely low rate of side effects compared to other pain medications.

People who are suffering from any pain issues and want to continue living their daily lives with ease usually choose this medication because it provides the pain relief that they are looking for while not making them feel as if they are living in a “fog” like so many other medications do. For this reason, Tramadol is one of the top sought after drugs of choice for anyone needing relief. Another big advantage when buying this medication is the cost.

If you do not have insurance or your insurance policy does not cover prescription drugs, then you most likely know that the cost of many other pain medications can be quite expensive. This is not so with Tramadol. If you consider that a 3 months supply only costs $107.00 and that is with free delivery as well as free COD when ordering from our website. The cost advantages are easily noticed when comparing Tramadol with all other similar medications. So if you are thinking about trying Tramadol for the first time or have used it in the past, we welcome you to give us a try and hopefully you will see why this medication is the top choice for so many other people.

Strong Painkillers are used by nearly 5% of American Adults

A random telephone survey conducted in 2009 reported that about 2% of American adults take opioid pain killers regularly and 4.9% take them in any given week. It’s safe to assume that the number of people taking these medications has only grown in the past few years. Opioids are one of the most widely prescribed classes of drugs in the US.

As expected, the main reason for taking opioid pain relievers was pain, but 5% of the respondents mentioned another reason like anxiety. Most of the respondents were taking medications to relieve their back pain (20%), headaches or another pain (26%) and arthritis (13%.)

Oral formulations were most commonly used and Tramadol (Ultram) was among the top 5 medications used.

The researchers also suggested that a certain degree of underreporting could have occurred as many people obtain pain relievers off the internet and prefer not to mention that they take these medications.

According to the study results, regular opioid users were also more likely to be heavily medicated as compared to non-users. Most of the users were taking medications to counteract the side effects of pain relievers or NSAIDs.

Tramadol has long been deemed as a relatively safe prescription pain reliever as it didn’t have as many side effects as traditional opioids and was considered non-habit-forming.

Current reports of nonmedical use of Tramadol as well as the abuse of this medication by drug addicts and chronic pain sufferers are changing the way the FDA as well as the medical professionals view this medication. Tramadol is not currently controlled under the CSA however at least 10 states have moved it into the controlled substance list under the State Law.

The DEA has recently proposed to reclassify Tramadol as a schedule IV substance to prevent further abuse of this medication.

Do You Need to Buy Tramadol?

Tramadol is a medication that has been used for several decades to relieve moderate to moderately severe pains. Many people have discovered that Tramadol is the most effective and the safest medication that they can take to get back to pain-free living. Unfortunately ordering this medication can be a problem if you do not have health insurance and you just cannot afford a visit to a doctor.

It is absolutely legal and very easy to buy Tramadol COD on our website. If you have already taken this medication before and you need a refill then you can order your pills on our website. We employ a network of US Licensed physicians who review all medical information and dispense a prescription according to US law. Just fill out a medical questionnaire, pay for your order and wait until your medication is delivered discreetly to your door (please note: you must sign for the delivery.)

We understand that sometimes you might feel not safe ordering from a new website or company that is why we choose only the safest and easiest payment methods for you. Our friendly customer support is always ready to answer your questions and to assist you with your order. We are one The ONLY company online who offers COD payment for no prescription Tramadol. You do not have to pay anything until your order is delivered to your door (or you can choose to pick it up at the drop-off location closest to you.) You do not have to share your credit card information or send your check in the mail. Please note that we accept Cash, Money Order or a Cashier’s check when you buy Tramadol COD. You can also pay for your order with a Credit Card. We can guarantee that you will get the best deal on Tramadol 50 mg 180 tabs online. It's a special "thank you" to all customers of

How to Choose a Safe Online Pharmacy - most current guidelines from FDA BeSafeRX

The FDA has recently launched a new campaign - BeSafeRx - to help protect consumers from illegal online pharmacies. Ordering medications from illegal pharmacies can result in fraud charges on your credit card, failure to receive ordered medications or even getting expired or poorly manufactured medications from other countries that pose serious risk to your health. BuyTramadolCOD supports this campaign because we are committed to providing our customers only with the highest quality medications that are manufactured in the US and are dispensed by licensed local pharmacies.

In an effort to protect the customers from costly mistakes the FDA has created a list of guidelines on how to identify a safe online pharmacy. We want to emphasize the importance of completing a thorough research before purchasing Tramadol or other medications online:

  1. A legal online pharmacy always requires a prescription from a doctor. - BuyTramadolCOD requires a prescription from a licensed US physician. However, we understand that not everyone can afford costly visits to the doctor's office that is why we provide our customers with an opportunity to complete an online consultation with one of our physicians. The prescription for Tramadol will be issued based on this consultation. Please note that the prescription can be denied if our physician believes that the medication cn be harmful to your health.
  2. Legal online drugstore provides a physical address and telephone number in the United States. - Our support phone number is 1-877-222-9643. Please call us with any questions. We employ a network of local pharmacies that dispense medications for our customers. In order to provide the fastest service and delivery we pick a pharmacy closest to you and use it to ship out your medication.
  3. Safe online pharmacies offer a pharmacist to answer your questions. - Please call our support number to get in touch with our pharmacists or other customer service representatives - 1-877-222-9643.
  4. Have a license with your state board of pharmacy. - All of the pharmacies in our network are licensed to work within their states.
Do you want more tips and resources on how to identify a safe online pharmacy? Please visit FDA BeSafeRx Please don't forget that our legal online pharmacy provides the most convenient and safest payment option - you can buy Tramadol using COD payment at the cheapest prices online.